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Next.js - Learning by doing - Part 4

Next.js - Learning by doing - Part 4


Shreyansh Mehta

30 Mar, 2021


I have started a new series on learning Next.js by building a full fledge professional portfolio website.

YouTube Video is as below:

In this video, we will be going through the CSS support, SAAS support and Image component concepts in the next.js. We will continue the hands-on training from the previous video - in which we will implement an image-based product detail page and will explore different types that are available in the Next.js Image component.

Table of content

  1. Set agenda
  2. Built-in CSS support in Next.js
  3. Adding SAAS support in Next.js
  4. Image Component provided by Next.js
  5. Adding configuration in next.config.js file
  6. Image component configurations

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